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By Ludvig Baummann Olsson


An asymetric card game where the player tries to survive for as many rounds as possible against an enemy that creates new monster cards each round. The player has two types of cards which they can draw:

Hero Cards- Which the player can place on their area of the board. These function as the player's health and determine the type of action cards that can be drawn and played.

Action Cards- These are the main ways the player can damage enemies with. You can only play as many action cards as you have heroes with a matching suite on the field. Each suite functions differently:

Clubs- deal raw damage.

Hearts- can either deal damage or heal friendly hero cards.

Diamonds- performs a modulo operation on the enemy health.

Spades- splits its damage by three and applies it on the target aswell as its left and right adjacent units.


Left click to select or play a card.

Right click to de-select a card.

Escape to quit.


SurvivalCardGameBuild.rar 29 MB

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